have known Tracy for over six years. She is very kind, considerate, patient, compassionate and a very talented teacher and healer. Ill try to explain below:
     Moving to Michigan I was looking for a yoga style, and teacher, that was gentle to both my mind and my body. Tracy’s Viniyoga style was gentle and kind to my mind, but maybe more importantly, my body felt relaxed, more limber and just felt great after a Tracy Sunday morning class. I was hooked. In the past six years I have taken group classes and private classes from Tracy with great results for me. From practicing no yoga I now practice yoga daily, thus Tracy changed my life, and my mind in many wonderful ways. 
     Tracy’s influence in my life didn’t stop with just me. A beloved family member was experiencing a depression, which was worrisome and concerning. We visited Tracy and began private sessions, which incorporated traditional yoga and restorative yoga, which resulted in a mental “releasing” of thoughts and emotions, which were therapeutic to the body and the mind, which in turn was therapeutic for the depression. With time and Tracy’s technique the depression subsided. 
     Throughout the past six years Tracy has helped with physical ailments (bad knees and bad back) and has actually made these physical problems disappear with regular yoga exercises practiced on a regular basis. 
     Tracy has helped with my meditation practice with her breathing exercises. They help develop the awareness in life all meditators strive for. I consider Tracy my spiritual guide and teacher on the path of living in this most difficult world. 
     Tracy, thank you for everything you have taught me about life. You have changed my life for the better. You have changed my life for the rest of my life.




I have taken one-on-one Yoga Therapy sessions and group Yoga classes with Tracy. I have a painful arthritic condition that has stiffened all of my joints, especially my fingers, wrists, back and knees. At the first session, Tracy and I discussed my condition, limitations and needs. I found Tracy to be so caring. Between our first and second session Tracy had studied my specific condition on-line and printed out information for me to read. Tracy then designed for me my own yoga practice that I can do at home or anywhere. She made sure that I practiced in proper form and that each pose worked for me. I was thrilled to have my own yoga practice tailored to my health needs. Tracy provided me with drawings of the poses, instructions on the order, breathing and repetitions.
     I highly recommend Tracy’s Yoga Therapy. Tracy is very knowledgeable on how yoga can impact and improve your body, mind and spirit. She is very compassionate and caring. In just three months of my custom built yoga practice, my joints have gained strength, flexibility and increased their range of motion. Before I met Tracy, I needed to hold on to a chair to get down on the floor or to do yoga poses such as a downward facing dog.  I no longer need a chair to get on the floor or practice yoga! Gaining back my strength and flexibility has given me the ability to perform day-to-day tasks with less pain, greater ease and a confident secure feeling of control again.

Mary A, Shelby Township



My first exposure to Yoga Therapy came when I attended Tracy’s class. It was as though I had come to something other than yoga. At first it didn’t seem so intriguing. … There was no music, and the flow only consisted of two or three postures—very simple. However, the judgment of the first few minutes was quickly overturned as I realized how much the silence helped me tune in and how much better the new variations felt on my body. I walked out of the class focused and feeling that the subtle movements had come to a decent workout, and that, somehow, my back was not affected. Since then, I have come to gain new appreciation for this approach to yoga: I feel that in its unpretentious, subtle way, in its attention to proper alignment, and in avoiding difficult or complicated transitions, it could have the most to offer any student, if only one is willing to take small steps—in my personal practice I have found that “small steps” have been the most sustainable over time. What’s more, Tracy’s balanced ways and years of experience complete the picture in a nice way. Just being around her brings new perspective into the ordinary.

Emma F



Three reasons Tracy Flynn is one of the top yoga instructors in Oakland County, Michigan: 

1. Throughout each session Tracy is interested in keeping her students injury free. She is monitoring those practicing with her, and provides numerous verbal and visual descriptions to make sure proper form is being used. Additionally, she offers a variety of ways to properly perform a pose. This allows her students to participate in a way that is best for their unique body. 

2. Sessions with Tracy involve a theme. There is a concrete purpose for each practice: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. This is a true unification of the breath, the movement, and the mind.

3. Tracys impact is enjoyed beyond the mat. In 2008, when the financial markets were experiencing unprecedented upheaval, I stayed committed to my yoga practice. Shortly after, one of my largest clients said to me: You seem extremely comfortable and confident. There is so much uncertainty. Why is this market rattling everyone but you? One of the reasons was the stabilizing and grounding force of Tracy Flynn and Yoga Therapy.

Stephanie (Goodrich) Macpherson
Financial Advisor